Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amazing Number Sense and Subitizing Calendar Pieces

Get ready to ROCK your calendar, primary teachers!  I've been teaching for 22 years and just developed this last year after participating in a two-year primary math focus PD it's been put to the test.  When your colleagues see what you're doing with your calendar, they'll be amazed.  No more slap the date on the calendar and go on.  This simple, but powerful, daily routine will develop incredible number sense in your students.  Before you put the piece on each day, ask for predictions of what it might contain.  More often than not, there are multiple correct answers.  But don't stop there.  Ask them WHY they believe their predictions to be correct--this is where the bang for the buck really is.  

Download today at my TpT Store or my Teachers' Notebook site!

All ten sets are $10, or you can purchase them separately for only $2 each!

Product Description:

Congratulations! You are going to have the most amazing, “number-sense building” calendar this year! All you need is some painter’s tape to make your calendar grid on your dry-erase board. Begin with the included days of the week labels at the top and tape a 7x6 row grid. I like to print out the date pieces on card stock, stick magnets on the back and store in zip-lock bags. The pieces are larger than a pocket chart calendar, and after you look through the sets, you’ll understand why. There’s a LOT of math goin’ on in these sets and kids need to be able to see the details from their seats. Included are day and month labels, plus 10 sets of calendar pieces, 1-31: 
• apples in ten frames
• base ten blocks
• coins
• dominoes
• finger subitizing
• scattered configurations
• shape sides count
• tally marks
• tallies with coins
• ten frames
(The sets are in separate files within this .zip package for added convenience.)
Before you place a new piece on the calendar each day, ask students to predict what the piece will contain and why they believe this. You will be astounded with how your students’ number-sense math reasoning skills develop throughout the year!
Best Wishes,
Primarily Teaching

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