Thursday, January 14, 2016

Calendar Manipulatives: Instant Activity!

Included in this handy set are calendar frames, month labels, day labels and number labels in 8 different colors! 
How to use:
• Print on cardstock
• Cut out labels
• Place in gallon zip-lock bags for easy distribution. Keeping the sets separated by color helps prevent mixing up pieces between students.
Formative Assessment:
Make several copies of the black calendar frame for formative assessment! After students place the cardstock calendar pieces, have them copy the information onto a blank recording sheet.
Young students can create the current month's calendar. Older students can figure months in the future or past.
Have fun!

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New Word Work! INK Edition

Word Work Fans:
An new edition is ready!

Welcome to Wonderful Word Work! With this series, you can teach spelling within the framework of the Word Work part of your Daily 5 or center time. Once children learn the activity formats, this is work they’ll be able to do independently. Simply introduce the activity for the day before
beginning your rotations. If you wish, each set of wordswith and without added affixescan be used in a weekly spelling test. Word sets are selected specifically to teach spelling rules, creating great spellers and writers!
Activity 1: Making words! Combine beginning sounds with “ink”Make a set of cards for each child in the center and place in a zip-lock bag. Provide a recording sheet for each child. Demonstrate how to write the new word and draw a picture to illustrate it on the “My Word Work Recording Sheet” (printed 2-sided).
Activity 2: Adding a suffixMake a set of cards for each child in the center and place in a zip- lock bag. Provide a “Back to the Root” sheet for each child.
Activity 3: Word Hunt: Tell students to think of other silent “-ink” words. Write them, then use a suffix that makes sense with the new words. Choose one new word to illustrate on the back of this page.
Activity 4: The Shape of a Word: Provide each child with the activity sheet. Once children learn what letters may go in each size box, this is a fun, puzzle-like activity.
Activity 5: Composing Sentences: Provide each child with the activity sheet. Tell them their sentences may include more than one word from the word bank AND they may use any suffixes they wish that make sense. After writing 4 sentences, ask them to pick one sentence to illustrate. You may want them to underline the word bank words in their sentences. 
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1st Grade Next Generation Science--Organisms: Structures and Processes unit

Whew!  This unit took me an entire year (during my "free" time) to write, but it's awesome!  1st grade teachers, download your copy today!  After purchase, email me at and request your FREE whiteboard version--specify whether you use SmartNotebook or ActivInspire.

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