Sunday, October 28, 2018

ADVANCED Subitizing: Recognizing Multiples!

Welcome to Number Smart ADVANCED Subitizing—Recognizing Multiples! Subtilizing is the immediate recognition of a quantity.  It builds number sense and strengthens knowledge of number facts with meaning, not just memorization. Included are slides with various patterns WITHIN patterns of dice, fingers, coins, dominoes, tally marks and ten frames. This set contains over 650 visuals from 2 x 2 through 10 x 10!
•Let your students see the slide as you say the word “subitize” to yourself.  Then advance to the next "Get Ready" slide.  Ask students who know how many to raise their hands.  You can also try giving students small whiteboards and ask them to write the multiplication (or repeated addition) fact they see.
•After a student answers correctly, ask, “How did you know that?” Or “How did you see that?” Encourage students to use strategies such as counting on, grouping, and how many are missing. and identifying patterns within patterns.
•Subitize whenever you have spare seconds!  Even if you only have a minute, your students can benefit from these mental math exercises AND mini-number talks (How did you arrive at your answer?).

This resource is available in FOUR formats:  SmartNotebook, ActivInspire, PowerPoint and PDF.  Download your copy today and keep this minimized on your teacher workstation, ready to go at a spare minute's notice!  Your kids will love it and YOU will love how they advance in their thinking of multiples!

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