Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kindergarten Common Core Language K.L.1 is Here!

This unit includes everything you need to successfully cover the Common Core Language skills for kindergarten! 

Included are 6 skills:
Lessons 1a-1b: L.K.1.C1 (concept 1) Form regular plural nouns
Lessons 2a-2b: L.K.1.C2 (concept 2) Nouns and verbs
Lessons 3a-3b: L.K.1.C3 (concept 3) Prepositions
Lessons 4a-4b: L.K.1.C4 (concept 4) Produce complete sentences
Lessons (Assessments) 5a-5b: L.K.1.C5 (concept 5) Upper and lower case letters
Lessons 6a-6b: L.K.1.C6 (concept 6) Use question words

Download today at my TpT site, my Teachers' Notebook store or CLICK HERE to see how to get it for free!

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