Saturday, December 28, 2013

Next Generation Science Units in Action

Next Generation Science Weather Unit: Kindergarten (available from my TpT Store)
Since we did this unit at the beginning of the year, before my K students were writing very much, we created a voice thread recording of their informational "writing" pieces.  You can view their work AND voices by visiting the link below.  You have to create a free account to view our voice thread:

Next Generation Science Energy Unit: Kindergarten (available from my TpT Store)
Check out our energy unit pics:

Testing different coverings to see which stay the coolest.

Canopy with burlap top.

Short tent with orange fabric top.

Another tent with orange fabric top--a bit taller.

Another canopy with orange fabric top built with linking  cubes.
Umbrella with burlap top.

Canopy with orange fabric, built with blocks.
We are in the midst of the Motion and Forces unit (also available from my TpT Store) and are having a BALL!  Pics from this unit will be posted soon. :)

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