Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bloom into Discussion! Picture-Based Discussion Skills

Welcome to Bloom into Discussion! I developed these picture cues to develop the discussion skills of younger students. There are picture prompts for each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy PLUS super-helpful discussion stems. Use a projector or print posters to introduce one new skill at a time and watch your students’ question formation and discussion skills grow!
Bloom’sStart with a question:
Remember (Student with finger in the air, like he/she just remembered something important) 
Understand (Student pointing to target, as if pointing to the most important point to summarize) 
Apply (Student with shrugged shoulders...I wonder how or why)
Analyze (Student writing-perhaps between the lines-to signify inference)
Evaluate (Student with speech bubble-to represent justifying thinking)
Create (Student imagining-representing creating something new)

Discussion Stems:Then build on the first student’s answer:
I’m thinking...(Student with finger on chin to signify thinking)
What if
...(Student creating something, as if saying, “What if we did this in a new way?”)
It confused me when
...(Student standing at two-way sign, not sure which way to go)
I agree with
...(Thumbs up)
I respectfully disagree with
...because...(Thumbs down)
I have a connection to
...(Big purple creature with a little purple creature-they are connected) 
One thing we should notice...(Fingers holding a litte worm, to signify a little, yet important, detail) 
I used to think..but now...(Student with a light bulb to signify ideas)
My guess is
...(Student with finger to mouth as if making a guess)
I thought this part was hard when
...(Student with a productive struggle-it’s okay to struggle!) 

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