Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Day Productions--Common Core Language Unit!

I'm happy to announce the birth of my 3rd Language Practice to Mastery! Unit.  That's what I call a productive snow day. :)  I didn't do it ALL's been a while in the making.  My second graders LOVE these packets!  They actually say, "This is fun, Mrs. Shirley!"  We call them our Owl Packets.  They are making us wise owls!  I hope your second graders are enjoying them and learning from them, too!  Let your colleagues know there's a product out there that's more than just an assessment--there's a way to master these Common Core standards!  I keep my students' packets in data binders as proof of mastery.  Let me know how they're working for your kiddos!
You can grab this packet at my TpT Store, my Teacher's Notebook site or click here to see how to get it for FREE!

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