Monday, March 3, 2014

Alphabet Clipart From A to Z: Color and Lineart!

 This awesome clipart package is from my son, Ty!  It includes 52 +1 images--one for each letter of the alphabet, plus an extra yellow yo-yo!  His package is high quality, high resolution and includes both color and lineart.  Most other packages out there are sold separately, and at a higher cost.  This package is only $5 (less than the color-only or lineart-only packages out there) and took him several weeks to complete.  I'm proud to be promoting his work, as he is saving for college.  He's already been accepted to the college of his dreams and now has to come up with tons of money.  He already has a job, but his art is what he loves.  Thanks in advance for supporting him!
Download today at his TpT store!
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