Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What do I do on snow days?  I write curriculum that I need myself for my classroom and share it with others!  Today I birthed volume 2 of my new Look, Read, Write series--yay me!
Download it today from my TpT Store, Teachers' Notebook or Buy Sell Teach sites!

Look, Read, Write Volume 2 is designed for beginning writers learning how to compose complete sentences. It is appropriate for second semester Kindergarteners, on-level first graders and struggling second graders. You won’t believe how this method gets even the most reluctant writers excited about writing!

Included in this volume are 10 prompts--approximately 2 weeks of daily lessons: At the Zoo, I Love to Read, Shapes, In the Rainforest, How Plants Grow, In My Bedroom, Castle Adventure, Science Class, People at my School and Hometown Heroes.
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