Saturday, October 6, 2012

Common Core "Math Practice to Mastery" is Here!

The first installment of my Common Core "Math Practice to Mastery!" is ready for download.  I decided to develop this program because I've been so disappointed with how the math program at my school just doesn't match up well with the new standards AND doesn't give my students enough practice to master skills. Each new concept has very few practice examples and the homework is spiraling. So, I've developed a program that will utilize the "Most Difficult First" method, where students who already have the skill mastered can become tutor leaders in your class and not have to do the repetitive practice that most learners need. Did you know that one standard can have several skills involved? 2.NBT.5 (Fluently add and subtract within 100 using strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship between addition and subtraction.) has 11 skills that must be mastered! 
2.NBT.5.C1 (Concept 1) Addition: 2-digit + 1-digit
2.NBT.5.C2 (Concept 2) Addition: Balance 2-digit equations
2.NBT.5.C3 (Concept 3) Addition: Input/Output 2-digit tables
2.NBT.5.C4 (Concept 4) Addition: Two 2-digit numbers
2.NBT.5.C5 (Concept 5) Mixed Operations: 2-digit numbers
2.NBT.5.C6 (Concept 6) Mixed Operations: Balance 2-digit equations
2.NBT.5.C7 (Concept 7) Mixed Operations: Compare 2-digit equations
2.NBT.5.C8 (Concept 8) Subtraction: 2-digit Input/Output tables
2.NBT.5.C9 (Concept 9) Subtraction: 2-digit with 1-digit
2.NBT.5.C10 (Concept 10) Subtraction: Balance 2-digit equations
2.NBT.5.C11 (Concept 11) Subtraction: Two 2-digit numbers
My program includes significant practice and strategies to enable all students to master the skills! I'm beginning with 2nd grade--2.NBT.5 and will continue development of the rest of the standards and other grade levels soon. 
Download this awesome unit at my TpT Store, my Teacher's Notebook Site or CLICK HERE to see how to get this unit for FREE!

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