Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Project-Based Learning ROCKS!

When kids learn they'll be in my class, they are excited because we are "that class that does cool projects!"  I've been using project-based learning in my class for the last 5 years and presentation days are our most favorite!  We learn so much more from each other.  We also get great practice in speaking and active listening.  My "Project Choice Menu Packet" includes everything you need to immediately put project-based learning to work in your classroom.  The packet includes:
Choice sheet for parent approval
Project description pages
Scoring Rubric
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  1. Hello Michelled great blog. Barbara sent me over its she great. My blog was done by here as well. I am a think for project based learning too. Stop by sometime :-)!

    1. Thanks, Kim! Your site looks great, too! I will pass your ideas on to my 5th grade colleagues! :)

  2. Hi Michelle! I'd love to hear more about your project-based lessons. I have a few books on it ... but never really managed to get it off the ground. Too nervous it will get out of hand:)

    Grade ONEderful
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    1. Hey, Barbara! With my method, all of the work is done at home and the kiddos present their projects in class! I have a "Former Student Project Hall of Fame" section on my web class web site if you'd like to see some examples. :)